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Suggestions for Page Marks - Backgrounds, Watermarks, Headers & Footers

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  • Suggestions for Page Marks - Backgrounds, Watermarks, Headers & Footers

    Page Marks - Backgrounds, Watermarks, Headers & Footers

    Whilst the functionality of the above features is great, I think the user interface could be improved significantly. It did take a little time to understand and it is clumsy to use effectively and efficiently. Most of these changes are minor but would be very useful. I am interested if others share my concerns and if Foxit shows some interest.

    I use Page Headers and Footers functions frequently and it is somewhat tedious.
    • When a Page Mark is changed, you are not prompted to save the changes. The user is required to remember to save the changes. Very important.
    • The Preview Panel should automatically show the current Start Page Number. Currently, if we wish to preview, the user needs to enter the preview page number.
    • It would be useful to display information on Update window for the following items instead of needing to click a link.
      • Date format
      • Page number format
      • Start page number
      • Page range options
    • It would be helpful to have a Preference option to configure default Page Number Format and Date Format. It is a bit tedious to set it each time.
    • I use different headers and footers for each chapter of each book. It is easy to get page numbers mixed up. The Foxit Editor issues a warning to indicate that this is a potential problem. Perhaps the Page Marks could be organised by category (which in my case, corresponds to a book). It would be helpful to have an outline view of the Category’s (book’s) Page Marks. This could show a list of the page mark name, starting page number, number of pages and page ranges so any conflicts could be easily resolved.
    • The background allows a color or a graphic to be displayed, but not both. It would be useful to have both. This is useful if the graphic does not fill the entire page or if the graphic has transparent regions.
    • The mouse wheel scrolls the Saved Settings list which is not helpful.
    • Clicking on the Add button, there is no Cancel option to the message, “The document already contains a Header/Footer. Would you like to update the existing Header/Footer with the one you are adding?”
      The choices given are Update Existing and Add New. We are not told what the existing header/footer is. It also misses the point that you can have multiple headers/footers assigned in each document.
    • I think a more appropriate way of managing Headers/Footers, is to have the following commands.
      • Define the Headers/Footers for the document
      • Assign saved Headers/Footers to document
      • Remove all the Headers/Footers from document (the command Remove Header/Footers is misleading because it could mean remove all saved Headers/Footers)
    • The current Update option which “updates the current header/footer” is not helpful. What is meant by the current header/footer???? It does not make much sense.

    The problem centres on trying to combine two functions: the assigning of page marks to a document; and the definition of saved settings for future use.