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PhantomPDF hangs when trying to scan on new hardware

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  • PhantomPDF hangs when trying to scan on new hardware

    I have retired an older Windows 7 computer with Foxit Phantom PDF and image-restored that computer to a new system. However, I cannot get the scan function to work at all. When I do File > Create > From Scanner, select the scanner, then click 'Scan', the program goes dim and nothing happens. I cannot close the program at this, nor does killing it via task manager work. I have to shutdown the computer.

    I tried doing a scan on this same computer using IfranView and that did work. So I think there must be something not working with Foxit on this computer.

    I'm running Foxit PhantomPDF Business professional


    Mark Foley
    Computer Systems
    Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System

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    OHPRS Tech

    Sorry for the trouble. Please try the below workarounds one by one to see if they work.
    1. Delete the configuration file "ScanOpeData.xml" in the following directory.
    C:\Users\XXX(user name)\AppData\Roaming\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF\Scans
    Then restart Foxit PhantomPDF and scan again to see if it helps on your side.
    Please note, after delete the file ScanOpeData.xml, the previous configurations for scanner will be restored to the
    original setting.

    2. Please open Foxit, go to File>Create>From Scanner, click on From Scanner.., check the option" Configure scanner
    using scanner's interface" in the scanning dialog box to see if it helps.

    3. Update your scanner driver.

    4. Reinstall Foxit PhantomPDF as the following way.
    1) Uninstall PhantomPDF from the control panel.
    2) Press "Window + r" input "regedit" press Enter, find folder "Foxit PhantomPDF" under the directory "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF" and delete it.
    3) Go to the installation folder of Foxit PhantomPDF, somewhere like:C:\Program Files\Foxit Software, delete the folder"Foxit PhantomPDF"
    4) Download it from the following link and run it as Admin to install the program.