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  • test by richell

    Test to see if I can post successfully.
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    Test to see if I can reply too


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      Hey, as long as you are testing stuff, can you test to see why I cannot see my own profile information? It says I don't have permission to view that information... MY own account?!? This happened once before and you were able to fix it. I tried to send a message to site admin but once again, no response.

      Update: Richell_huang could you please approve my posts so the admin can see them? Looks like this is the only place I can post something though I'm not sure this will work again either. Maybe next I should try a new post but I'll give this a go first. Admin won't respond to my direct messages; maybe they are not going through?
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      • forums.adm
        forums.adm commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi, CJatWork,

        You can see and edit your own profile, may I see the screenshots of error messages?