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Foxit PhantomPDF - command line examples (and reduce file size)

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  • Foxit PhantomPDF - command line examples (and reduce file size)

    Hi apologies if I've made a newb mistake in starting a thread for this. Couldn't find appropriate existing in my searching.

    So, I want to use the compression capability of PhantomPDF - it works great from UI for me.

    Can I use it from command line (even with default parameters) to do a folder of PDFs? (And, assuming so, can anyone provide command line examples?)

    Thank you.

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    I am afraid Foxit PhantomPDF is unable to batch compress files with command line, while another product called Foxit Tool Kit can do that.
    We have the PDF Optimizer module:

    Reduce the size of PDF files to save disk space and make files easier to send and store.
    • Batch optimize PDF files.
    • Finish faster with multi-threaded processing.
    • Make the complex simple with sub-folder recursion processing.
    • Support password-protected PDF files.
    • Optimize PDF files by downsampling or compressing images, unembedding fonts, and discarding unused objects or user data.
    • Clean up files using Flate encoding to encode streams that are not encoded, converting LZW encoding to Flate encoding, and removing invalid bookmarks and invalid links.
    • Set document metadata information, including title, subject, keywords, author, and creator.
    • Use wildcard characters in batch processing, e.g., *.pdf.
    For more info, please refer to below link: