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Why does Phantom Express 6.1 Standard crash before it can load?

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  • Why does Phantom Express 6.1 Standard crash before it can load?

    Hi Friends, I've been happily using Foxit product for years, most recently Phantom Express 6.0 Standard. It has worked without fail for me as a document reader, for markup, for creating PDFs out of important emails -- you name it...

    UNTIL last week, when I applied an update that was recommended for security reasons. Now I'm "running" Foxit Phantom Express 6.1 -- but it doesn't actually run, because, when I clcik on the icon, I get a crash report! The program never loads. I have tried everything under the sun to make it work. I deleted Phantom Express from Windows and reinstalled the full version instead of the upgrade. I tried running it from a blank account that I keep for these purposes. I tried Googling the contents of the crash report -- nothing came up. Am I the only person for whom this is happening? I could reinstall Phantom Express 6.0, which runs without incident, but am wary of doing so because it apparently has vulnerabilities. HELP!

    I am running Windows 8.1 Pro on a desktop machine with Intel Core i7 2600l processor and 16GB RAM. The machine also has Microsoft Office 365 installed, as well as a bunch of fairly common apps such as Evernote Desktop, Firefox, iTunes and Acronis TrueImage.

    I've reassigned Adobe as my default PDF program -- yuck! I would really appreciate some help.


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    Hi, interesting to see that it's not only Foxit Reader that crashes, but other Foxit software too... it seems there's a big bug in the new updates.
    Help, either we go back to previous versions or (argh) to Adobe...


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      Hi Arthur and Alliandre,

      Sorry for the delay. Our development team are investigating on this issue and will try to come up with a fix soon. Please use version 6.0 as your current workaround and update to next release when it is available. Should you have any further questions, please email to [email protected]. Thank you.