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How can I get rid of that magenta box?

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  • How can I get rid of that magenta box?

    Hello, how can I completely disable that purple message box (either big one, Clear Text recognition Some pages may contain unrecognized text, or small one with bulb) from appearing?

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    Dear sevec,

    Thanks for your post.Do make the prompt message not show again when you open a scanned or image-based PDF file,please do the following setting in Foxit PhantomPDF:
    Go to "File"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Preferences">"General",please check the option"Don't show notification messages again">click on "OK"button to save the setting.
    Note: This option"Don't show notification messages again" is only available in version 9.1 and plus.


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      Thanks a lot. i have same problem and its fixed


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        pedram ,Since V9.2 of Foxit PhantomPDF,we have added three different options in preferences dialog box for users to deal with the different notification messages.
        These options are:
        Show the message which affects the next step.
        Show the nofication related message.
        Show PDF/A message again.
        You could find them under the "General"tab in preferences dialog box.

        Uncheck the first option"Show the message which affects the next step" to suppress the folowing messages:
        OCR:Some pages may contain unrecognized text. You can run text recognition to make text searchable or editable.
        protected view:This file originated from a potentially unsafe location, and most features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks.
        AD RMS Protection:Foxit Software Incorporated-Confidential view only-This content is proprietary information intended for internal users only.This content cannot be modified.
        AD RMS Protection:Restricted Access-Permission is currently restricted.Only specified users can access this content.
        AD RMS Protection:This document is protected by Microsoft Rights Management.
        AD RMS Protection:To view the redacted document switch to Redacted Mode.
        Shared review:Please add your comments and click Publish Comments so that other reviewers can see them..

        Uncheck the second option"Show the notification related message" to suppress the following messages:
        3D PDF content found:This file includes 3D PDF content. To enable 3D PDF viewing,click on Help > Foxit Plug-Ins, find the U3DBrowser plugin,
        and click on the icon on the right side to turn it on. Then, re-open this file.
        Form´╝ÜThis document contains interactive form fields.
        Reflow ePub File:The display area has been resized, do you want to reflow the document content?
        Connected Review:You have joined a Connected Review on this file. You can share your comments with all reviewers now.",
        Connected Protection:This ConnectedPDF document is protected by Foxit DRM.
        cPDF:Use the Online Comment Board to view and add web-based discussion on the document.
        CPDF:You have joined a connected Review on this file.You can share your comments with all reviewers now.
        Cpdf:update notification.
        Cpdf: open message.

        Uncheck the third option"Show PDF/A message again" to suppress the following messages:
        PDF/A:The current file is compliant with PDF/A and has been opened read-only to prevent modification.