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Windows Store install (for Education) - how to activate/login

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  • Windows Store install (for Education) - how to activate/login

    I have an existing license for PhantomPDF Education (Subscription status = offline-purchase). I installed PhantomPDF, choosing the Education version, from the Microsoft Store (Windows 10 1803). I do not find a way to activate or login without having to purchase again via the MS Store. I'm signed into the Store with a Microsoft Account, not my EDU/Work/Corp account as the MS Store for Business is not enabled for my EDU/Tenant (and likely the case for the majority of corps/EDUs).

    I take it my option is to use an MSI/EXE/Chocolatey installation at this time?


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    Dear joegasper,Thanks for your post.Did you purchase the education edition of Foxit PhantomPDF for windows store? If so,you need to contact Microsoft Store Support as the activation and purchase is handled by the Store.Thanks for your kind understanding.


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      No, I didn't not purchase the Education edition from the Microsoft Store; I purchased it directly from Foxit. So, as it seems, there is not a login option for the installations from the MS Store, I'm not able to use my existing purchase and I would have to purchase a second time if I was to use the MS Store version.


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        joegasper ,
        Thanks for your reply. It must be mentioned that the one you have purchased is our Foxit PhantomPDF for windows platform.
        The one you have downloaded from MS store is Foxit PhantomPDF for UWP.Foxit PhantomPDF for windows platform and Foxit PhantomPDF for UWP are two separate applications.
        That is the reason why your activation code for Foxit PhantomPDF for windows can not be used to activate Foxit PhantomPDf for UWP application.
        So we suggest you uninstall Foxit PhantomPDF for UWP and install back your purchased version 8 of Foxit PhantomPDF education from the link below:
        and use your activation code to activate it.
        If you forgot your activation code for Foxit PhantomPDF,please help to send us your order information(such asrder number,billing email address) to (Attn:Lisa).
        And indicate this thread link and we will help you to locate to your order in our internal system and send you the activation code. Thank you.