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Right click, convert to pdf not working

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  • Right click, convert to pdf not working

    Prior to upgrading, I could right click a anything in Office and choose convert to pdf. Now this is not working message ' encountered a sharing violation while accessing' . If however I open the Microsoft program and go to print foxit pdf it works. Has anyone any clues? Foxit is creating a temp pdf file but in the temp folder randomly named. If I delete that file and try again it works, until the next time. Its as if it is not finishing the process but has got half way through.
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    Thank you for reporting it, we need to confirm below info with you.
    1. Do you use LibreOffice?
    2. Is your pc win 10 64-bit?
    3. Does it only happen when you right click on the office file and choose convert to pdf with Foxit PhantomPDF?


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      Microsoft office 365, Windows 10 and 64-bit. I cant get Word to accept the plug-in of Foxit. Other programs no problem. I can get the foxit tab to appear on Word but once I close and re-open word its gone and the add-in is not accepted again.


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        Thank you for your reply. Would you please help to reinstall Foxit PhantomPDF as the following way to see if it helps?
        1) Uninstall PhantomPDF from the control panel.
        2) Press "Window + r" input "regedit" press Enter, find folder "Foxit PhantomPDF" under the directory "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF" and delete it.
        3) Go to the installation folder of Foxit PhantomPDF, somewhere like:C:\Program Files\Foxit Software, delete the folder"Foxit PhantomPDF"
        4) Download it from the following link and run it as Admin to install the program.