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Line and Arrow sharing default properties

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  • Line and Arrow sharing default properties

    I started using the latest version (I think 9.1) and noticed if I save default color or other properties for my "Line" tool, it is now also using those same properties on my "Arrow" tool.
    This was not the case on an older version I used and I was wondering if I can still do that, I like being able to use a hotkey for my arrow to quickly make an arrow with a open arrow head already on it, but also need to draw plain lines without any arrowhead. Thank you for your time.

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    May I know how did you set default properties for "Line" tool? As per testing with version 9.1, I fail to replicate the case. Please update to latest version and check if you still encounter the same problem. If yes, please provide us your workaround that could replicate the issue step by step. Thanks.