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Сan i save the font style for comments?

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  • Сan i save the font style for comments?

    Without changing it every time I add a new comment.

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    Could you please confirm which version of Foxit PhantomPDF you are using? You could find the version number under Help -- About Foxit PhantomPDF. In most recent versions, the font you selected will be remembered.


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        Please try to add the comment then change it to your desired font style then right-click to see if you have the option "Set current properties as default". If yes, please click on it and see if this option helps. If not, please let us know which exact tool you're using.

        BTW, the most current version is version 9.3.0, you may update to it at your convenience. Thank you.


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          I use this tool Next comment Arial 13.


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            Do you mean the font size used in the popup note?
            Firstly, sorry, now the font for all comments does not support to set as default properties via "Set current properties as default".
            Secondly, I have reported the issue that why the font used in popup note cannot be the one selected last time in Comment format tab, id#QCPHANTOM-12375.


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              I mean I need save the font size for comments. This can adobe:
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                Dear Jhon,

                Currently,there is no way to set a default font type and font size for the texts in note popup in our Foxit Reader and Foxit PhantomPDF,you really need to select font type and font size every time when you add a new note popup.
                For this situation,I have submitted the following two suggestions to our product marketing team for their reference:
                The first suggestion: Hope the font used in popup should also be the one selected in Comment format last time , like typewriter/textbox .Suggestion ID#:PHANTOM-11604
                The second suggestion: Preset text type and font for sticky note in preferences dialog box(Commenting>Viewing Comments) like adobe does. Suggestion ID#PHANTOM-11605.

                To track these two new features' processing status in future,you may write back to with these two suggestion IDs(PHANTOM-11604 and PHANTOM-11605) included.


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                  So it is obvious that this function is necessary. Thanks for the answers. At least now I know that this feature is not available.