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‘Save As’ VBA Code In Excel and Access

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  • ‘Save As’ VBA Code In Excel and Access

    Is there a way using VBA coding and excel to do a ‘Save As’ and use the value of the a cell as the file name ?

    Also, can you you fill a pdf form from Microsoft Access using VBA ?

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    You can try the Export method to save as files to the dest pdf path, attached is the guide document for your info.
    Fill-in a pdf form is not supported yet.

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      Does the export method save the pdf with the form details still intact ? I’ll need to be able to use the pre exsisting functionality after it is saved.


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        Do you mean you have form data included in the form file and you wish the data will be preserved after you save as it?


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          Yes. I want to us the get and set fields to fill in the form, then do a ‘save as’ to save the form with the data with a unique file name


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            Dear Stlee,

            Thanks for your reply.I have double confirmed the two requests you mentioned with our Dev team. I am sorry to inform that currently
            the two requirements you referred all can not be achieved by using VBA scripts.

            When you use the "Export"method to export PDF file to a destination location,you could custom a new filename in the "SaveAsPath" parameter for the "save as"document in scripts,but there is still no way to get data from form fields in PDF file as filename of the newly save as document.
            I have submitted the suggestion"Support to use the value of a form celll as the filename when do 'save as' by using VBA coding" as a new feature to our product marketing's further consideration with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-11664.

            Currently,you could use "SetFieldValue" method to fill out form field with data from Excel document. But,it still doesn't support to fill form from Microsoft Access using VBA.
            For this situation,I have submitted the suggestion"Support to fill form from MS Access using VBA" to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-11665.

            Any further questions or concerns about VBA scripts,you may mail to directly and our Foxit technical support team will reply your emails there.