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Image is distorted when pasting it into PDF file

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  • Bug Image is distorted when pasting it into PDF file

    Whenever I tried to paste a captured screenshot from other applications to Foxit PhantomPDF, the image pasted would always be distorted. I tried to close Foxit and open it up again, this problem still remains. Could I ask what to do? Thank you.

    First picture: Original picture on internet

    Second picture: When pasted the picture in Foxit PhantomPDF

    I found out that this post has described the same problem as I encountered:

    I forgot which version I downloaded for my computer already, but I think it is the latest version. How do I check my Foxit version?

    1. How to solve image distortion problem?
    2. How do I know my Foxit version? (I know this is a weird question, my apology.)

    Thank you.

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    daffodils ,You may go to "Help"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF,click on "About Foxit PhantomPDF"icon to check its version number there.
    This issue should has already been rectified since V9.0 of Foxit PhantomPDF.