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    What is the easiest way to deploy updates in an enterprise environment, including minor and major application releases of PhantomPDF and Foxit Reader?

    I am aware of using SCUP, which I have used in testing where it uploads the update to Solar Winds. Normally WSUS and Solar Winds are the main way we have deployed updates. I also know that there is a Foxit package group in Solar Winds but the packages don't have automatic downloads and any install file I manually import is not the correct file. (Difference in between Foxit Reader, PhantomPDF, Foxit Enterprise Reader) Currently to update PhantomPDF from 9.2 to 9.3 I reused the group policy to deploy an update to the application which was the full install. This is taxing on system startup and not the quickest.

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    You can use SCUP to update it without full install. Below are the available SCCM-SCUP catalogs for your info.
    It must be mentioned that we only have the full package for Foxit phantomPDF 9.3(There are service packs for all other versions except 9.3), we will have service pack for next release.