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    Hi All,

    A couple of months ago we decided to acquire Foxit Phantom PDF standard as an alternative to Adobe acrobat. The application itself is very good (and cheaper!) compared to Acrobat Pro, but the main downside for us is that we can't trach our license usage in a decent manner. While acrobat has a nice portal where people can be assigned a licence based on their O365 account, foxit works woth a licence file we need to install manually and keep track of our users manually in a excel sheet.

    I had 2 call with sales people and I got 2 different options proposed as a solution.

    First option: One sales person thought Foxit had a online portal where we as a customer could keep track of every device that is using a license based on the mac addres.
    Second option: The other on said there was an option to allow the usage of a license based on a AD security group.

    Now I don't find any info about this or how to set this up on the foxit support site, so i'm asking it here.

    Are there any people in here who have a system in place for enterprise licensing? When we have a solution for this, we will buy extra licenses (even if it are business licenses) otherwise, we are going back to Adobe

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    Sorry for the inconvenience.Would you please help to provide us your order number or your license key to, then we can better advice?