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trying to scroll makes the file jump from location to another and words get bigger

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  • trying to scroll makes the file jump from location to another and words get bigger

    these pdfs i download from this specific journal acts very weird. other files work just fine
    trying to figure out how to stop their behavior
    im using a touchscreen dell 7350 as a tablet with my fingers
    you can find a sample of the annoying files here
    i don't know how to upload the file here

    i tried to flatten page but to no avail

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    Sorry for the trouble. I just download the pdf file PIIS0889540621003486.pdf from the website you provided, but cannot produce the issue.

    Would you please help confirm that you can produce the issue with this file?
    If yes, would you please help make a video to show the issue?
    You may use the LiceCap tool to generate an animated gif
    Here's the download link:

    (Unzip it, double-click on licecap file, you can then specify the recording area then hit "Record", it requires naming the file first then start recording.)



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      i guess you're using a mouse to navigate
      this is how to reproduce it

      1- activate the hand tool
      2- left click on the words \ little blue numbers

      on hovering, the hand tool changes , it gets an arrow pointing downwards inside it


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        Go to Preferences->General. Uncheck the option "Make Hand Tool read articles". If I understand what you're describing, then that should resolve the problem.


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          Thank you for your sharing. That's a good idea.


          Sorry for the delay reply on your request. There is an article added in your pdf file, so you get the arrow pointing downwards inside it, you can try the workaround provided by Andrew73249. And also keep Make Hand Tool use mouse-wheel zooming unchecking.
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