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Preview Pane in Windows (8.1)Explorer

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  • Feedback Preview Pane in Windows (8.1)Explorer

    I just installed Foxit.
    Unfortunatellyy it is not possible to use the Windows Explorer Previewpane to take a look into the documents before opening.
    With AR it works fine, but Foxit seems not support this!?!

    Can someone confirm?

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    Hello solaar,

    Foxit works with Windows Explorer Preview. Please try to re-associate the "Preview PDF in Windows Explorer" as following and see if it helps:
    1) Please open Foxit, then go under "File"->"Preferences"->"File Associations"->"Advanced", uncheck "Include preview when setting default PDF viewer" then click on "OK".
    2) Please click on "Restore File Associations";
    3) Again, please go under "File"->"Preferences"->"File Associations"->"Advanced", check "Include preview when setting default PDF viewer"->"OK" then click on "Make Default PDF Viewer" as default PDF Reader.


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      Hello Doris!

      thanks for your answer. i was very busy these days, so i just found time to take a look to your answer.
      We use the msi file to deploy the Software silently to our clients.
      We installed the GPO-Extention and tried to configure everything with a gpo.

      When i install the application manually it works fine, but with our automatic installation it still doesnt work and i cannot find the correct configurationpart in the gpo-settings.
      Do you know where we can control this settings?