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Very high disk activity by Foxit Cloud

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  • Bug Very high disk activity by Foxit Cloud

    In the folder "C:\Users\HS\AppData\Roaming\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Foxit Cloud" Foxit Reader is constantly writing to the "foxitcloud.db" and "foxitcloud.db-journal" files.
    This is the only activity I could detect and it corresponds with the very high writing activity. Uninstalling Foxit Cloud solved the problem.
    So the question is: how can I use Foxit Cloud without the very high disk utilisation?

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    Hi dontknow,

    Could you please kindly provide the following info?
    1) Version info of your Foxit Reader; (It can be checked by going under "Help"->"About Foxit Reader")
    2) Which tool did you use to detect the activity?
    3) Could you please make a screneshot that shows Reader is constantly writing to "foxitcloud.db" and "foxitcloud.db-journal" so we could better advise?
    4) Your OS type. (E.g. Win7, 32-bit ro 64-bit)


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      Hi Cherry,

      1) Foxit Reader
      2) Microsoft Resource Monitor ( but the constant high-rate blinking of the HDD-light and rattling sound of the HDD was clear).
      3) Obviously I cannot send a screenshot which proves foxitcloud.db is constantly written. I can however send you the screenshot of the Resource Monitor (see attached). Furthermore while Foxit was running with an PDF-file opened, I checked visually the folder in which both foxitcloud.db-files are in every minute the timestamp and the size changed. As soon as I had Foxit Cloud uninstalled, this changing of file info stopped and so did the high disk activity.
      4) Windows 7 64-bit.
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        Hi dontknow,

        Please open Foxit Reader->go under "File"->"Preferences"->"Foxit Cloud" to check the setting of "Automatically upload files to Foxit Cloud when they are opened in Foxit Reader". The screenshot is too small that I can't see the info on it. If possible, please email it to [email protected]. Thank you.


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          Hi Cherry,

          Thanks for your effort.
          I don't understand why the screenshot is too small. Was it compressed or shrunk while uploading? It's an PNG-file of 96 KB. I'll mail to your mailaddress.
          I'm not sure what you mean. I'v reinstalled Foxit again, Foxit Cloud included. There is no problem unless I open some PDF-file. Then the disc activity (which comes from the C:-drive) increases to very high (almost constant 100%) and that is because Foxit Cloud is constantly writing to the 'foxitcloud.db' and 'foxitcloud.db-journal'.
          This even occurs when I start a new PDF-file from within Foxit Reader itself. Just starting a new file (without typing anything) causes the same problem. The only way to prevent it is uninstalling Foxit Cloud. It has nothing to do with the setting you mentioned, because I just opened a new and empty PDF-file and I presume that won't cause this 100% acitivity for as long as Foxit Reader (and Foxit Cloud) is opened.
          By the way: the setting is unchecked, the default after installing.

          I'll send the screenshot to your mailaddress. Thanks for your patience and please let me know if there is anything else you need to know.
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            I had the same problem. Windows 7, a simple pdf opened in Foxit. Disk light flickering madly, monitor said Foxit writing 2.5MB per sec.
            In the Foxit Cloud directory there were files foxitcloud.db (only 52kb) and also a foxitcloud.db-journal file which appears and disappears in Explorer every second or so.
            I created the second file and made them both read only - now Foxit is fixed. Looks like a pretty bad bug (surely can't be design!) however.
            I also had to disable the cloud service manually.
            I had just moved to Foxit again after a few years on account of the latest Adobe update which has added an unwanted cloud service.
            Disappointed to see Foxit has the same. I just want a simple, compact reader! I am looking at alternatives.


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              dontknow, I've already wrote you back by email.
              hugh2000, Thanks for your sharing. We've improved Cloud a lot in version 7.2. I would encourage you to write to [email protected] to require an internal version for testing and further proceed. Please include the thread link in the email as well.

              Thank you.


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                Hi Admin,

                I received an email from Cherry in which she asks me to test the new version 7.2, which is not to be send to others, because it is an internal beta testing version. I see you've asked hugh2000 the same. Maybe he will, but I don't want to be a software tester, so I'll wait for the new version.
                Furthermore, I won't send the screenshot again. I have spend more then enough time to this problem. I've uninstalled Foxit Cloud en will look for an other simpler PDF-reader.
                Thanks for your understanding.


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                  I've similar issues on

                  If I open a file in Foxit Reader, disk usage goes to 100% as reported by Windows 8. The process monitor shows Foxit /writing/ at 4MB/s the entire time it's open.

                  I've had to revert to other readers for fear it's going to burn out my SSD...

                  I even tried disabling the cloud service, but that made no change (and I don't want a cloud service anyway..)

                  Uninstalling Foxit Cloud entirely fixes the problem for me.
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                    Hi MikeG,

                    We will do many improvements for Foxit cloud in Foxit Reader 7.2 which will be released recently, please keep an eye on the new release,and install the new version to fix the issue after release.

                    Now please just keep Foxit Cloud uninstalled as temp solution.

                    Any results, please let us know.


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                      The V7.2 has already been published . Please give this new version a try to verify it at your convenience.You may download a copy from our official download center below:
                      If there is still any problem,please help to email to [email protected]


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                        Originally posted by lyndi_wu View Post
                        The V7.2 has already been published . Please give this new version a try to verify it at your convenience.You may download a copy from our official download center below:
                        If there is still any problem,please help to email to [email protected]
                        Foxit reader is my favourite pdf reader. I love to use it.
                        Today, I found my box (windows 7) 100% disk rate.
                        I use Procmon.exe to check and it's FoxitReader.exe. It keep reading c:\User\[myloginid]\Documents infinitely.
                        I tried to kill the FoxitReader.exe but fail (reporting I have no permission to kill the process).
                        Sorry, I have to uninstall foxit reader first.



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                          Hi Ken, Sorry for the inconvenience. Do you get the issue with the latest version 7.2? If not, please help to install the latest version to see if it helps. If there is still any problem,please help to email to [email protected]