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  • Feedback Mark pages as favourites besides bookmarking

    I enjoy using Foxit Reader, but I have a feature suggestion: marking pages as your favourites.
    • It is something separate from bookmarking. For example, if a pdf already has a lot of bookmarks, it would be more clear if my own "bookmarks" are distinguished.
    • Your favourite pages are coded in "view page thumbnails", but you can also see thumbnails with your favourites separately.
    • Basically, my suggestion is based on the feature that is in iBooks.

    Is it possible to implement this feature in a future update?

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

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    Hi Fimu,

    I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to PM team so we may consider to add "Mark Pages as Favorites" feature in Foxit Reader as well. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-5375. Thank you.