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Missing some printer with RDS 2012r2

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    This is not encouraging, were getting this issue more an more everyday.
    Does anyone know of a stable version number without this issue?. Were also looking at alternatives to stop the support calls.


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      Sorry to hear that this may not be fixed soon. This means we will need to abandon foxit as our Adobe replacement since we cannot wait any further for a fix - staff haven't been able to print for a few weeks now.

      Disappointing as this was the pdf application I championed for at my organization due to the group policy features and user-friendly layout. I am not looking forward to purchasing, installing or using either of the alternatives that I've been told to select from.

      This is unfortunate for me, but I hope you are ultimately able to get this fixed for your other customers.


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        Dan_OC SpaceGecko

        Sorry for any hassle or inconvenience the problem may have caused. I've sent out another reminder to corresponding engineer to push the processing of this issue. Report ID#:68197. Thank you again for your kind understanding.


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          Originally posted by Lisa_lee View Post
          Dear Dan_Oc and SpaceGecko,

          As of right now,our developers still haven't found out the cause of the issue yet.So we are now not 100% sure it will be fixed in V8.0.
          Anyway,once there is any new progress,we will posted reply in this thread to let you all know.

          If it is any help, I noticed that the printer that is not listed any more in Foxit is also not listed if you query te printers via WMI (powershell command: gwmi win32_printer). If you remove the printer and execute a gpupdate then the printer is again visible in Foxit and via WMI. In the registry the printer stays visible. So I think its related to the way Foxit is querying for printers (Foxit may be using WMI and Office/chrome may be reading from the registry?).


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            Hello everyone,

            ​I would believe it is not a Foxit Problem but a Windows Bug. Maybe you have configured that your users are getting disconnected after some hours.
            Or the users are just disconnecting the RD Session. And there's the Problem. After a disconnect the printers are removed from the registry for the user under
            "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers\Client Side Rendering Print Provider" because the disconnect is interpreted as a logoff for Windows.
            A reconnect does not set some new keys it usually should and no printers are shown. You will also see a symptom that you have set your default printer but the green arrow is not visible.

            The solution:
            (Please back up your registry keys before doing any changes. All users must be logged off before you do the following)
            Set a D-Word Key "RemovePrintersAtLogoff" under "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers\Client Side Rendering Print Provider"
            and set it to 0.
            Also remove every other key under the Client Side Rendering Print Provider Key (all SIDs and the Servers). After that restart the spool service and that's it. If it would do some different results you can just change the D-Word Value to 1.

            Please give some feedback if that helped.


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              Another user with 2 2012r2 servers in a farm with the same issue. We've applied t.bruns patch and will see if that fixes the problem for us and will post back.


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                Do you still get the issue after try the patch t.brun provided?


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                  Same problems here, on a 2012R2 terminal server. t.brun the reg changes should be made on the server that gets the Printers installed or the Printserver?


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                    Same problems here. t.brun, should the changes be made on the server that uses the printers or on Print Server?


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                      We are working hard on it, and hope it will be fixed in next release as schedule, thank you.


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                        The Changes should be made on the Server that uses the printers (Terminalservers). The changes take effekt when the server is restarted.


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                          Thank you for your sharing.

                          Kim Mortensen

                          Please refer to t.brun's reply to see if it helps, if the issue persists, please email to [email protected], thank you in advance!


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                            We rolled oud RDS 2012R2 environment and experiencing the same problem. Too much supportcalls at the moment. I've sent an email to Lisa to check if the new executable can be the solution.


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                              Originally posted by Bart View Post
                              We rolled oud RDS 2012R2 environment and experiencing the same problem. Too much supportcalls at the moment. I've sent an email to Lisa to check if the new executable can be the solution.
                              Dear Bart,This issue has already been rectified in our internal beta version of Foxit Reader and Foxit PhantomPDF 8.0.The official release version 8.0 will also be expected to be launched within one week.
                              Please give the major release version a try once it is launched.


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                                Hi Bart, Lisa,

                                Any update on this issue in combination with Foxit Reader? We have a 2012R2 Citrix farm with simular problems in combination with Foxit Reader 8.0 or previous versions. The problem happens when a user tries to print a PDF document on a network mapped printer. 8 of 10 times this will work without any problem. 2 of 10 the pdf print disappears.. A session log-off / log-on fixes the problem.

                                Any idea or recommendations?