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Print pdf via command line and exit Foxit Reader

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  • Print pdf via command line and exit Foxit Reader


    is there a command line option to make FoxitReader.exe exit after calling it with the /p or the /t command line?
    We would like to achive to get syncronous pdf printing which requires to have FoxitReader to exit after printing.

    Thank you

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    Sorry, this is a known issue to version 7.x. The commandline printing always force the Reader window to open and cannot kill the precess after print. Our product team is actively looking for a solution for this case.


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      Is there an ETA o when this might be fixed?


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        Dear DrivveDevelopment,

        As of right now,there is still no new progress about this issue"command line printing release Foxit window" yet. This issue has been reported in our internal bug tracking system with report ID#0061204.You may email to with this report ID#0061204 to track this issue after a period of time.


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          This bug has been ignored for a year or more. Clearly nothing will be done. (Reverting this behavior or adding a switch to allow an exit would be what -- an hour's work ?)

          Not at all a fan of having to make sure that all of our systems keep an older, hidden version installed and making sure it never gets updated. This was why we were considering moving from Adobe to Foxit, especially in Dev.


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            Having this same problem trying to print pdf documents from within a windows service with the latest version of foxit reader... had to revert back to an earlier version of foxit reader for it work properly.


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              Sorry that it has not been addressed in new version 8.0, we have updated your comment to our bug system, and hope our Dev team will pay more attention to it.


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                another year hast past an nothing is done on this issue. Is there a new final point defined?
                What is the last version where the command line printing is working?


                Sorry, here the same:
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                  Sorry to inform you that it is still not fixed in the new version 8.3.2, and we plan to improve it in future version 9.1.(We are preparing 9.0 now and it will be available in next month.)
                  Hope it will be fixed as schedule.


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                    Hi Dirk,
                    To my knowledge, here is the latest version where the command line printing is working:
                    Kind regards,


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                      For now, you may use the version 6.x as temp workaround. When the issue been fixed, we'll update here. You may also email to support@foxitsoftware with the ID#/PHANTOM-5996 to track the processing status of it. Thank you.