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    I'm using Foxit on a Windows Tablet (win10) and would like a bit more Touch optimisation? Unless I'm writing/drawing etc I don't usually use the (Wacom Digitiser) pen input.

    This is the bit that is driving me bonkers at the moment.
    Opening the Bookmark bar? No problem
    Navigating the bookmarks? Not bad at all
    Trying to close the Bar? ARGHHHHHHH!

    I know it's a niche thing still but tiny little itsy bitsy buttons are a pain in the bum on a tablet (and so is using a "mobile reader" on a fully functioning desktop OS.)

    I've tried umpteen different readers on the Tablet so far and Foxit is still the best for functionality (Now I've managed to get rid of all the Cloud stuff so it does hog the cpu all the time). Quick, easy to use, lightweight and opens multiple complex PDFs with no sweat. All it needs is a bit of touch tweaking, like "turn touch on" in settings and voilĂ ! you get finger sized buttons or edges you can swipe etc.

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    Count of Undolpho

    The screenshot is really small. Could you please resend it to [email protected] and mark out the problem so we could further proceed? Thank you.


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      Hi Cherry sorry for the delay - I hadn't turned on email notifications - Doh! I've sent another screenshot to the email address provided. Thanks for the response.


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        Count of Undolpho

        I got your email and will take a closer look at the problem and email you back. Thank you and have a great day.


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          Cheers Cherry You really are a Super Moderator...

          See what I did there?


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            solved via support email.


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              Cherry kindly helped me out with a different problem whilst I was emailing her a better screen shot. I have not heard anything about the touch optimisation apart from "it is being looked at"..