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  • Administrator 01-22-2016, 04:43 PM

    Sorry to say that classic toolbar is no longer available in latest version. Maintaining two toolbar modes always require more human resources and workload. The classic mode may be phased out in the future considering more and more people get used to the Ribbon mode. May I know what the chief obstacle is for you to swtich to the Ribbon mode? Thank you.

    It is not true that it requires "more human resources and workload" to main two toolbar modes. It is trivial. The functions are there; it simply requires having two hooks (e.g. Menu item and Toolbar icon). Clearly, the real reason is that management has made a decision to follow the crowd. I think most users would prefer that the developers focus on core functionality and adding value there.

    Administrator 03-26-2016, 02:01 PM
    I am afraid that currently our developers still doesn't have the plan to add back the classic toolbar now. The classic toolbar mode may be phased out in the future considering more and more people get used to the Ribbon mode.You may feed that it is uncomfortable to use the ribbon toolbar now. Once you get used to it, you'll find ribbon toolbar is way much better than the classic toolbar just like those users who likes Ribbon toolbar mode. Thank you.

    The point of many users here is that there is no substantial value add with the ribbon toolbar. All it does is change where a user clicks (which must be relearned); at the end of the day the user is still clicking on an item (menu or icon) to perform a function.

    The other important point for many users is that the ribbon uses a lot of screen area. While the ribbon can be hid or used with auto-hide, a simple menu bar and document is very user friendly and does not require the user to waiting on features reappearing or tooltips.

    Administrator 01-07-2017, 12:50 PM

    Sorry to say that we don't have the plan to bring it back, you can hide it with CTRL+F11, or you can open pdf file in Read mode to get rid of the ribbon. Anyway, we will forward your feedback to our PM team for references.

    That's fine. It means that many of us will not pay for future upgrades. Will stick with 7.2.8, until Foxit changes its position, or a competitor provides a product that the user wants. For whatever it is worth, the reason that many of us started using Foxit is that Adobe started adding a bunch of bloat or functionality that the user did not want.


    • Originally posted by richell_huang View Post
      Sorry to say that we don't have the plan to bring it back, you can hide it with CTRL+F11, or you can open pdf file in Read mode to get rid of the ribbon. Anyway, we will forward your feedback to our PM team for references.
      I registered here for sole purpose to say that Ribbons are horrible.
      Whoever decided to force this atrocious UI invention should reconsider.
      Compared to regular UI, Ribbons takes more space, takes more time, needs more time.
      Whenever i find software with Ribbons, 1st thing I do is to switch em off or to change em into regular UI.
      If cannot do it I search for alternative software.
      Hopefully there IS alternative for Foxit Reader.
      Someone upstairs should read this forum and rethink:
      Good UI development habit/practice: listen your user base. If changes are absolutely needed - provide alternative.
      Bad UI development habit/practice: don't listen, enforce what YOU think is best, and - loose customers.


      • Any news on this? Still hate the ribbon.. Still no posts from anyone who likes it. Platitudes from moderators. No progress. Yawn... Surely it is time now to listen to your users.


        • I also signed up for the sole purpose of asking for this back. I first used FoxIt because it was lightweight, had no automated updates, had infrequent updates and had the classic menu. There is no longer value for me as none of these features exist for FoxIT.

          Ribbon is a failed experiment - universally agreed as programming for the lowest common denominator, slowing down users and in general being a frustration. If you made the decision to go 1 menu rather than 2, wouldn't "evidence based decisions" dictate that you at least ask your user base which they would prefer? I've had enough of features I don't use, frequest updates, updates I don't want, and this Ribbon, which although is being phased out of most apps appears to now be the only option in FoxIT. For goodness sake - read the 16 pages of feedback. We don't want Ribbon, we never have and we never will.


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            • hi I have just upgraded to Foxit Reader but I am unable to choose to revert to the classic toolbar as in previous versions


              • Dear krystal12,
                We have removed classic mode since V7.3. Please download Foxit Reader 7.2 which contains classic toolbar mode below:


                • Lisa, please could you let us know who actually likes the ribbon bar? I cannot find a single post anywhere on the internet by a user who likes it, but many many who have taken the trouble to complain about it. Surely it is time to listen to your users.


                  • Still no movement on the classic toolbar? I checked in hoping it might be safe to upgrade, but it seems that I'm going to have to stick with 7.2 until such time as Foxit reinstates the toolbar, or I finally give up and move to Sumatra. It seems to me that Foxit has is fast becoming the very thing we all tried to escape by moving away from Adobe Reader. It's a great shame, you've betrayed your fundamental principles and now produce a PDF reader which, while still preferable to the awful Reader, is rapidly becoming bloated and unfriendly. More is not necessarily better, and the removal of the classic toolbar is a deal-breaker for me.


                    • Sorry Foxit but, further to my post from last night, I've decided to move away from Foxit. I've checked out Sumatra and its latest version is slick, quick and very slim, in short, everything I used to like about Foxit before it bloated out and you took away the classic toolbar.


                      • I add my voice to this although I must say that everyone has most eloquently put my mind's sentiments about the ribbon interface in this thread. There must be a good chunk of users who have NEVER used the ribbon

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                        • Hi all,

                          Thanks much for the feedback. Sorry to say that it is out of my control and the only thing I can do is forward your feedback to our product team for future reference, hope it will be considered. Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.


                          • Hi dear FoxIt users,

                            Just register to ask for classic toolbar back, too. I *HATE* ribbons.
                            Thanks for the link for old version.
                            And if you want to simplify life cycle management, just remove ribbons .

                            Have a nice day.


                            • Another user here voting for for annotations plus SumatraPDF for general reading.


                              • For some good luck I did not upgrade since 2015. Unfortunately a few days ago it happened. Will either revert to good old classics-enabled Foxit or switch to PDF-XChange (I have the license for its full version I only used to edit the pdfs but it has a good set of free features comparable to Foxit).

                                To Foxit team. Ribbons are not popular. Micro$oft pushes them for their own esoteric reasons but almost nobody but M$ uses them. On my computer, the only ribbon I have to use is in Windows Explorer which I use very rarely. All other apps feature either classical menus/toolbars (which is in my opinion the most convenient interface for a desktop) or mobile-like menu buttons (like Chrome). You should understand that your product's audience are tech-savvy people who need speed, convenience and features, all of that. Those who only need speed will move to Sumatra or likes and the vast majority who just needs to read the pdfs and does'n care will use Adobe reader the slow monster or (God save) built-in Window$ viewer the nightmare. For us geeks you only left speed and features getting rid of convenience.
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