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Cannot edit PDF after saving and opening elsewhere.

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  • Cannot edit PDF after saving and opening elsewhere.

    Hello all,

    I was working on a pdf job application that lacked fill-in forms. So I created all the text via text box on fox it. It was a little tedious, but relatively easy.

    Anyway, the application required a signature so I made sure my work was good, saved it, and then opened it in mac preview to use its signature ability. Well preview opened with my formatting in ruins. I exit and run back over to open the pdf in foxit and the ruined editing has been made permanent. It no longer lets me edit my text boxes. It will allow me to "select" the box (though it won't let me even highlight text) and the only thing it lets me do is select it, cut it, copy it, paste it. I can't move or resize.

    Its a little urgent that I need to fix it because the application needs to be in very soon and I'm not sure I'll have time to rewrite the whole thing.

    Since the boxes can be "selected" is there anyway I can edit them again?

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    Normally we could simply go under "Home"->"Select Annotation" then double-click on the textbox to edit. If it doesn't work on your side, please send us the PDF document in question and let jus know which version of Foxit Reader you're using. You may email to Thank you.


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      Second the issue, have the same for two weeks now


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        Originally posted by thisiszivko View Post
        Second the issue, have the same for two weeks now
        Dear thisiszivko,it is better if you could help to send us one PDF file in which you faied to edit it for us to take a closer look at first. If it is not convenience to upload PDF file on forum,please help to send it to (Attn:Lisa) and please indicate this thread link when you email to us.