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  • crash Content Disappears -- Win 7-64-bit

    I have Foxit opened two documents, both set to show non-continuous facing.

    Rapidly scrolling (vertical scroll bar) will eventually cause Foxit to stop rendering content onto the "page container". Then shortly after, using the scroll bar results in delays of (approx) 30 seconds before the bar responds - still no content is rendered.

    Eventually, this delay causes Windows to report the application is no longer responding and it gets killed.

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    Hi bimither,

    Thank you for the post. I've tried to replicate the case with different files using Facing mode but failed. It seems there is something special in your documents. Could you please provide the two files to for internal testing?


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      I was scrolling through a document (as described above), and Foxit stalled. The Win7 "Wait" throbber was on screen for about 20 seconds.

      I eventually got an Application Error window:

      The instruction at 0x778231cb referenced memory at 0x00000093. The memory could not be read.


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        I am going to guess that this problem occurs when Foxit runs out of memory. For example, I have two PDF's open (165MB and 188MB) and are almost entirely of images. Windows Task Manager says Foxit is consuming 1,654MB of memory.


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          Would you please send us the files in question for internal test?If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to Thank you in advance.