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  • foxit reader linux - back button


    Thanks for the new linux version.

    I cannot find the way to return to previous page after clicking on a link.

    Use case is :
    1) I click on a internal link (go to page 200 from page 2)
    2) I want to return to page 2 (I have to remember the page, and go to page 2 -> I would like to be able to ctrl + left arrow or something)


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    Hi Parisni,

    Please refer to the attached screenshot to find the button for previous page.
    Click image for larger version

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      Please consider again my question


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        Did you mean the "Previous View" which exists in Foxit Reader for Windows? Please let us know. Thank you.


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          Originally posted by cherry View Post

          Did you mean the "Previous View" which exists in Foxit Reader for Windows? Please let us know. Thank you.

          I think he does mean that! It's an useful feature!


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            parisni jojoufl

            Now there is no the feature "Previous view" in Foxit Reader for Linux, but we have reported your requirement to our team, they will consider it in future version. Report ID:MACLNX-33

            Thank you.


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              I would like to second this request - this feature is absolutely essential for me in a pdf reader, I will not use one without it.


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                Thank you for your suggestion, and sorry for the inconvenience. I have forwarded your requirement to our team, and our team are working on the issue, hope it will be available in future release.


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                  I am using 2.3 linux version. The feature is still missing.

                  Thanks for your help in releasing this feature in next linux version


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                    Dear parisni,

                    Thanks for your reply.This feature will be implemented in our next release version 2.5 of Foxit Reader for Linux if everything goes well.
                    The feature's suggestion ID in our internal feature system is #MACLNX-33.


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                      I wish version 2.5 will be released very soon...

                      If you really use it to read PDF, you must know you need this feature.



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                        I have installed 2.4 on Linux and I can report that this feature is now there although it does not seem to listed in "What's New" or manual.
                        To use feature, choose from menu - View - Go to
                        and you will see "Previous View" and "Next View" with shortcuts "Alt+Left" and "Alt+Right" which I use as there are no buttons by other Navigation buttons (previous and next page).
                        You can get these on a tool bar by clicking on "View" button (button with "eye" on it to right of page navigation, not View in menu bar) which will show Previous view if window is wide enough (else you will need to click on the 3 dots on the right), or if you right click on this toolbar and untick "Show all labels" you have smaller icons without labels.
                        Seems to be no way of customising toolbar to just have "Previous view" and "Next View" on same line as page navigation.