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Find word then select more text, keyboard only

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  • Find word then select more text, keyboard only

    Firstly, I am on Mac OSX (El Capitan)

    Is there a way to search for a word, then select and copy text with keyboard only?

    More specificalIy, I want to search for a word using cmd+f, then select text using the normal keys, i.e. shift+left/right.

    This doesn't work. If you try it, you will find that after selecting a word with cmd+f, shift+left/right does nothing.

    Further, selecting a word with cmd+f, then hitting cmd+6 (Tools > Select text) or escape deselects the word.

    Is there a way to accomplish what I've described? If not, I supposed my best alternative is to use cmd+6 (Tools > Select text) to place my cursor where I'd like to begin my selection, then make my selection with shift+left/right.

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    Please let us know which version of Foxit Reader for Mac you're using. Did you mean this? E.g. You search for a word (E.g. better) in the PDF document, then it'll locate the search result "better", then you press Shift+left, bette will be selected, if you press Shift+left again, bett will be selected. Please feel free to correct me if I misunderstand what you meant. Thank you.


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      I'm using Foxit

      If I search for "better" and press shift+left, the selection in the pdf itself is not changed, only in the search box, while shift+right seems to do nothing at all. Please see the attached image.

      I want to control the selection in the pdf itself with the keyboard, not just in the search box.

      Thanks for your reply!

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        The searched results will be highlighted if you press "Enter" on the keyboard, then you could use the shift+left/shift+right to select text. If you don't press "Enter", the focus is still in the find field.
        BTW, the attached photo is too small that I can not figure out the problem from it. Could you please email to instead? Thank you.


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          Yes, I agree with cherry . You have to first press Enter then only you will be able to select text using ​shift+left/shift+right. Thank you.


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            Yes I agree with cherry . Pressing Enter key is required to be able to select text with keyboard keys.. truthling . Thank you.