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Foxit Reader Enterprise 6 vs RMS 1.0

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  • Foxit Reader Enterprise 6 vs RMS 1.0


    We use RMS 1.0 with SP2 (old Microsoft IRM system), Sharepoint 2010 and Foxit PDF Security RMS Protector 2.0.526

    After install Foxit Reader Enterprise I can't open protected PDF documents. Foxit Reader show this message "To use Information Rights Management (IRM) you need to install the Windows Rights Management client. If you have an existing version of the Windows Rights Management client installed you will need to uninstall it first and then download the latest version of Windows Rights Management client. Do you want to download the latest version now?" with buttons "Yes"/"No" But other protected documents such as docx and xlsx will opened. If I open protected PDF document with Foxit Reader then document opened without problem!

    How to use Foxit Reader Enterprise 6 with RMS 1.0?!

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    This problem is not solved?


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      With Enterprise Reader 6.0, the plugin version 2 will be used by default. You need to change the the ;plugin version 2 to version 1. You can do this task via Registry or GPO template.

      From Registry:

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Foxit\Reader 6.0\ Preferences\UseADRMSV1

      Key: UseADRMSV1

      Value: 1 (0 represents V2; 1 represents V1)

      Change the DWORD value to 1.

      From GPO

      If you have Enterprise Reader template installed, open the GPO template and enable the item