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  • FAQ key board and highlights

    I have 2 problems using the software:
    1. when I change my laptop to a tablet mode I dont have a keyboard anymore, and can't insert any comments.
    How can I change it?
    2. If I would like to have a different colors of highlights on my tool bar, instead of changing the properties each time I want to highlight in different color.

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    For your questions:
    1) After you change from laptop to tablet mode, when you use the commenting tool, you should see the keyboard. If it doesn't work, please let us know how you switch to tablet mode and your device model info.
    2) There are three optional ways to change highlight color in Foxit Reader 7.x or 8.x. Since you don't like method a), you may tried with method b) and c).
    a) You may add the highlight then right-click on the highlight and open Properties and change the color. After you've changed the highlight color per your needs, you could right-click on the highlight then click "Set Current Properties as Default".
    b) You may click on the highlight, then you can see a new menu "Comment Format" appears. You could then change the color under "Comment Format" menu.
    c) You may add the color change icons to Quick Launch Bar. To do that, you may right-click on the blank area of the toolbar, then click "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"->under "Choose commands" section, please choose "Comment Format"->then Add "Line Color"->"OK". After this, you could highlight the text, choose the highlight then click on "Line Color" appeared at the Quick Access Toolbar to change color.

    Thank you.