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  • Feature Browser Plugin button to open doc in Reader

    I like opening links to PDFs within the browser (Firefox for me). But sometimes I wish I could quickly transition the PDF display to a separate Foxit Reader window instead of the browser. Usually this is a "real estate" issue - my preferred browser settings include sizable amount of toolbar/menu space at top and bottom, and displaying in the full Reader will have less wasted space.

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    Dear Chonny,

    Thanks for your post.Do you need to open online PDF file within Foxit Reader application? If so,please refer to the steps in the following article to disabling viewing PDF in browser:


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      Thank you, but no. I want to open the online PDF within the browser for a quick view. Then, if warranted, I wish to tell the browser plugin to open the PDF in the Foxit Reader Application.


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        Hi Chonny,

        Please find below article to configure Firefox so that you could use Foxit Reader plug-in to view files online.


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          [sigh]. Thank you, but that's not my request. I CAN already view online PDF files within Firefox, and it's working fine. This is a feature request. I would like the plugin to have a new feature: a button or menu item. While looking at the PDF within the browser plugin, you would click the button/menu and the PDF would be sent to the separate Foxit Reader (not in the browser).

          I understand that I could turn the plugin off permanently so it would always use Foxit Reader, but my request is to use both: start off using the plugin, and then, if desired, have the file transferred to the full Reader. Thank you.


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            Chonny Thank you for explaination. Your requirement has been reported to our product team with feature ID:PHANTOM-7043 for evaluation. We'll keep you posted if the feature is available in future release.