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Foxit Reader not restoring last session

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  • Bug Foxit Reader not restoring last session

    This has bugged me for awhile and I finally figured out how to replicate and why. If Windows 7 shutdowns or reboots, while Foxit reader is open, then foxit reader looses my last session. Foxit will not restore it, nor will any documents that were open show up in the recent documents list.

    This is used to work, but it was somewhere around version 4 or 5 when it last worked. I believe it was version 5 or 6 when this started.

    Is there anyway to restore this functionality?

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    Hello Bobs,

    Which version of Foxit Reader you are currently using? You may find the version info. under Help -- About Foxit Reader.

    And please open the software and click File -- Preferences -- History to check if the two options 'Restore last view settings..' and 'Restore last session..' are enabled.