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Comments in RTL scripts with diacritics (FR 2.2, Linux)

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  • Bug Comments in RTL scripts with diacritics (FR 2.2, Linux)

    It seems, in the current version (2.2.1025) the bug with non-ASCII symbols ( in comments has been fixed.
    Yet, another related problem has emerged: in RTL scripts when one uses diacritic marks they are separated from from the respective letters instead of appearing above, below or in them. This bug is relevant e.g. to Yiddish (some letters are always written with diacritics), pointed Hebrew (not an everyday need) and pointed Arabic (also rare AFAIK). Besides Yiddish, I guess, diacritics are regularly used also in Urdu, Farsi and related alphabets.

    How to reproduce:
    1. Open this pdf:
    2. Copy any word or fragment and paste as comment. The result would as in the example below:
    typed/pasted הָאָרֶץ, displayed ה ָא ָר ֶץ

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    Dear har-wradim,

    I have tried to copy "הָאָרֶץ" and paste into PDF file in Foxit Reader for Linux 2.2,please refer to attached screenshot(mine.jpg) to see what I got.
    So It seems that I can not replicate such issue that you mentioned on my part.Please help to give us your OS information and which input method you have selected for inputting " הָאָרֶץ" on your computer.
    It is better if you can record a video about this issue at your convenience.
    Here's a small video making tool that requires no installation. You may simply unzip it then double-click on the .exe to start
    Please help to upload video file to any cloud server(such as dropbox) and then share us with the link where we can access it.

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