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GUI font size too small for Foxit reader on Ubuntu

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  • GUI font size too small for Foxit reader on Ubuntu

    I'm using Foxit Reader on Ubuntu 16.04, but the font size for menus, toolbar, etc. is so incredibly small that I have to actually move closer and squint to read it. In the preferences, there is a section where I can change the font size to 13, 14, or 15, but even 15 is hard to read.

    How can I manually change the font size of the GUI just for Foxit Reader? I know you can change the font size for all apps on Ubuntu through other software or universal access, but I don't need to increase the size of any other apps, just Foxit Reader.

    Attached is a picture showing how small the menu font size is.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. I have reported your suggestion to our team, they will evaluate it. Report ID:MACLNX-267


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      I have this problem too, on Ubuntu 17.4. I really like Foxit, it is feature rich and works perfectly, but the small UI font is a great disadvantage.