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Foxit Reader now crashing with every single PDF

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  • crash Foxit Reader now crashing with every single PDF

    Any PDF file I open...FoxIt crashes. It does put up a nice friendly dialog encouraging me to send crash information. Then, it restarts. I tried to open files i had previously successfully opened, and those also caused a crash. So in summary, the app opens successfully. But, opening ANY PDF file (many tried) causes a crash.

    Went to the Help menu, and both "Check for Updates" and "Install Update" give the same alert result. The message is attached to this post. One thing i do not understand in the message is "Please install updates according to the tips". What does this mean? What tips? Do i actually have uninstalled updates or not? But, if so, it appears to me at this point that "Install updates" will not install them, as it gives me this message instead.

    Help! What to do? Essentially, FoxIt is "totally dead in the water" for me now.
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    Dear tomconfi,

    To get around the crash issue, please close start page and advertisement in Foxit Reader if you are using older version of Foxit Reader(not the latest version 8.1).
    Please go to "File"menu>"Preferences">"General",please uncheck the options"Show start page" and "show advertisement">click"OK"to save the settings.

    This crash issue also won't happen again even if you have the start page and advertisement opened in Foxit Reader in our latest version of Foxit Reader 8.1. Concerning the message you got when you choose to install update,please open your task manager to see if there is any "FoxitReaderupdater"process is running there? If so,please close this "FoxitReaderupdater"process there and then choose to install update again.

    You may also choose to uninstall your existing Foxit Reader and install a latest version by downloading the installer below:
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