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clicking the button "insert text" all the time?

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  • Feature clicking the button "insert text" all the time?

    Hello guys
    I used Foxit Reader for a very long time on Windows Computers. When I switched to Mac I was quite disappointed because the Mac version doesn't have the same function as the Windows version of Foxit Reader. And because I didn't find any other good PDF Readers for Mac I switched to AdobeReader. Adobe has improved the PDF Reader a lot but I still I'm not satisfied. That's why I would like switch back to Foxit Reader. But there is one major problem which keeps me using AdobeReader. When I use a PDF Reader I make many comments and I mainly use the function "insert text". In AdobeReader I can insert one text, switch to the next page and directly insert the next text. In FoxitReader I can't do that. I insert the first text and then I have to click the button "insert text" again. And it is driving me crazy. When I sit in a lecture, we go through dozens of pages and I make hundreds of comments.
    Is there any way I don't have to click the button "insert text" all the time? is there a short key function?

    thanks for any help

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    Dear Alexa1991,

    Currently,Foxit Reader for MAC still a basic version with some basic features.So it doesn't includes all of features that you can find in Foxit Reader for windows.
    Since version 2.2 of Foxit Reader for MAC,you are able to keep using the same comments tool to add comments in PDF file continuously by doing as follows:
    Click on "Comments" icon on Foxit Reader toolbar to show comments toolbar, then please click on the "Pin: keep the selected tool" this pushpin icon at the most end of the comments toolbar to make this pushpin icon to be activated.
    Then you will be able to use the same comments tool to add comments in PDF file continuously.
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