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problem with "create links from url" / pass link to browser

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  • Resolved problem with "create links from url" / pass link to browser

    I have been using foxit reader for many years and had no problems. I think something has changed on my PC which seems to be stopping the links from launching in the browser. Each time when I click on the link I get the prompt "The document is trying to connect to the site:" window and answer "yes" that bit is normal. The browser is already running but no link is passed to the browser after answering "yes". I close "foxit reader.exe" and see it still see the process running in background so I know that clicking the URL has caused something to get stuck. I then cancelled the "foxit reader.exe" process and did some more testing. I managed to fix the problem for that browser session by clicking the link (and saying yes to the prompt) repeat 10 times then the 11th time working normally - that is weird! I have no idea what is causing the problem or why 10 repeated attempts at opening the links seemed to fix the problem. It is still happening with every fresh browser session

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Is there anything I should check in the operating system to make sure my pc is setup correctly (eg OLE, DCOM etc)?
    Platform: XP SP2, Firefox 6.x portable, foxit v3.2..0.303 - Yes I know they are both not current versions but other constructive ideas other than upgrading would be appreciated.

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    I did an update to V6.06 (70MB install) - massive compared to v3.x 15MB when all I want is a simple reader don't use any of the fancy extras in V6.06.

    Well it has fixed the problem but default settings were annoying till I fixed them.
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