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foxit plugin no longer available in the next version of firefox - v52

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  • foxit plugin no longer available in the next version of firefox - v52

    firefox has turned off NPAPI plugins in V52 - the next release now in beta. Also, the foxit plugin for rendering pdf's in the browser is gone from the choices in options. I assume this is because of the NPAPI removal. So - does anyone know if foxit plans to provide a working pdf plugin for firefox? Is it even possible?

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    Dear Millwood,

    Thanks for your post.Regarding this situation you mentioned,I have submitted the suggestion"make the Foxit plugin using the modern, secure PPAPI/Pepper plugins or HTML5"to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-3457,so that it may be considered in future versions.


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      any news/update on this?

      I don't think PPAPI is implemented or supported in Firefox. I've only seen references to web APIs replacing need for plugins (presumably HTML5 and javascript).

      With foxit just having reached me and no sign of in-browser support, I was just wondering what if anything Foxit can do?

      I really like PDFs opening in a browser. I do know I could use firefox 52 ESR but haven't chosen to (at least on my PC) and have already moved to v53 (and don't really fancy rolling back).




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        Dear Gary,

        I am sorry that Firefox has already withdrawn NPAPI support.So now there is still no way to open online PDF file with Foxit plugin within firefox browser.
        You may choose to use IE web browser to open online PDF file by using our Foxit plugin.


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          hi Lisa_lee

          Thanks for that.

          If IE can use use foxit to view PDFs in-browser, can't a similar approach be used with Firefox? There's no add-on or plugin visible in IE, so IE must have some other way of accessing foxit.




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            Dear Gary,

            In IE web browser ,you can not see which Plugin is called to open online PDF file. To make Foxit Reader to open online PDF file within IE web browser,you just need to do as follows:
            1.Close your IE browser if you have it opened.
            2:Choose "FILE"tab in Foxit Reader > Preferences > File Associations > Advanced, and check the check-box next to "Include browser when setting default PDF viewer" > click on Ok to close the "Advanced..."dialog box.
            3:Click on "Make default PDF viewer"button in the "Preferences"dialog box,then click on "OK"to save the settings.