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note taking and highliting on Ubuntu Linux

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  • note taking and highliting on Ubuntu Linux

    I was looking for a free or open source pdf reader/editor for note taking and highlighting in Ubuntu Linux when I read in an askubuntu thread that Foxit reader for Linux allows note taking and highlighting. So I went to the foxitsoftware homepage looking for information but I could not find any. I also googled 'foxit reader features' without success. In the foxitsoftware foxit reader page there are information only about 'what's NEW in version 8.2'. Since I may have missed some useful link, I would be grateful if you could direct me to a useful source of information.
    As I said, I am mainly interested in note taking, highlighting and bookmarks, and I would like to understand how they are managed by Foxit reader:
    1. Is it possible to create links between highlighted text and notes?
    2. Is note taking made on the pdf document or on a separate section?
    Currently I need to highlight certain sections in PDFs, or add annotations (comments/notes). These modifications would need to be saved. What tools are out there to do this on Ubuntu?

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    Dear gdeliph,

    Our Foxit official download center ( could auto-detect the
    platform. When you access download center on linux platform,you will get the linux Reader package directly by hitting the download button to
    download Foxit Reader there.
    In our Foxit Reader,you are able to highlight texts and add notes in PDF file(Please refer to the screenshot:comments tool.jpg).
    Regarding creating links between highlighted text and notes,do you mean that add comments for highlight? If so,when you highlight some texts in PDF file,then please just double click on the hlighlight which will make a popup note to be appeared in which you can input comments there.
    Please refer to attached screenshot:comments for highlight.jpg.

    What do you mean by that " Is note taking made on the pdf document or on a separate section?"? Please help to describe this query in more details,so that we can better advise.

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