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Access to Certificates in Windows Certificate Store

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  • Access to Certificates in Windows Certificate Store

    I must have misunderstood something basic so your help would be appreciated.
    If I create a handwritten signature, I have the option to protect it with a password. This will prevent anyone who has access to my computer from using it to sign documents in my name.
    However, when I create a digital signature and store it in the Windows Certificate Store, I can access it without needing a password. How can this certificate be protected?
    I am using this Windows Certificate Store option as opposed to PKCS because it seems to be simpler for my client to use.

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    The signature stored in Windows Certificate Store is managed by Windows, and the Windows is trusted by you by default, so you don't need to worry about the security.
    In addition, this kind signature is not allowed to export as private key, so it is safe as long as the private key can not be exported or used by other device.