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  • Problems with Captcha

    I have a Google Blogger Blog.

    The problem I have is when using Foxit to import a .pdf or word file is that although initially "Captcha" verifies that I am not a robot when the attempt at importing finishes suddenly a message pops up stating the Captcha verification has failed.

    In an attempt to resolve this problem I have:

    1. Cleared Browsing Data
    2. Tried using two browsers: Chrome and Internet Explorer
    3. Disabled Extensions
    4. Attempted import "incognito"
    5. Turned off: "Automatically Publish all imported posts and comments."
    6. Inquired on the Blogger Forum for assistance but none has been forthcoming.

    Could anyone assist me in resolving this issue?

    I should like to continue Foxit but without resolving this I will need to see if Acrobat Adobe Reader works better.

    Thank you

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    Dear Purrington,

    I am sorry that I am still not clear about the issue you mentioned.Please help to give us the URL link of the blogger Forum and help to record a video about this issue at your convenience. Here's a small video making tool that requires no installation. You may simply unzip it then double-click on the .exe to start
    Please help to upload the video file to any cloud storage(such as dropbox) and then share us with the link where we can access it.


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      They are some browsers, the captcha code (verification number) is not accepted, even though it's typed in correctly. Follow our guide to fix this problem.


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        Dear williyamjoe,

        I am really sorry that I am still not understand the issue you mentioned.Which website you tried to access and need to input the captcha code there?
        And I am still have no clue how this situation is related with our Foxit Software. Did you use our Foxit Software in one of the whole procedures you have done?