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can 2 versions of Foxit be installed?

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  • can 2 versions of Foxit be installed?

    I have an older version of Foxit and I'd like to install a newer version (v6.2...I have WInXP). I want to keep the older version, at least until I decide if I like the newer one. Can they co-exist on my computer, or will the v6.2 installation delete the older one? If it does that, is there a way to install it without the deletion?

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    No, only one version of a program could be installed. The latest version of Foxit Reader is 8.2.1. May I know which version is the 'old version' you have?


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      I'm using Foxit 3.1 on Windows XP. It works fine and I have no desire to use a newer version but every few months there is a peculiar problem where for no obvious reason a small error window (with the word "Drawing" inside) pops up and the program locks up. The only way out then is to delete the exe file from the Task Manager. I was told that the newest Foxit that would work with WinXP was v6.2 . So that's the story.

      If you know anything about this error message, I'd appreciate any information. Apparently your tech support people won't deal with problems on anything but the latest version.
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        Try sandbox. You can open two sofware in one time


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          Dear jbclem,

          Thanks for your reply.We would like to know why you nee to install two versions of Foxit Reader on your computer? Do you need to open more than one PDF file in multiple Foxit Reader windows? If so,you could do the followings to make different PDF files to be opened in multiple Foxit Reader windows:
          Go to "File"tab in Foxit Reader>“Preferences">"Documents">please check the option"Allow multiple instances">click"OK"button to save the setting.
          Then please double click on some PDF files to open them,you will find that they are opened in multiple Foxit Reader windows.