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  • Feature JavaScript API for Foxit Reader for Mobile

    As a new arrival to the Foxit world, I am quite at sea.
    I am modifying some PDF forms that I built in Adobe Acrobat to work on Android/iOS operating systems, and due to the pathetic JavaScript interface of the adobe reader for mobiles, I have turned to Foxit's equivalent. The forms actually work in Foxit! But there are some minor things that do not, such as identifying the make and version of the reader in which the form is being displayed.
    Can someone please advise me if there is an API for Foxit Reader for mobiles JavaScript? I have searched high and low, and can find no indication of its availability or whereabouts.
    If so, where an Earth would I find it?

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    Sorry, would you please send us the pdf file in question for internal test? If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to Thank you in advance.


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      Hi Lyndi.
      Thank you for your interest. Apologies for the delay in responding - I have been tied up on other matters.
      I will attempt to attach one of the pdfs - there are several in the set, varying in complexity. The attached is the most complex, involving interlocks between checkboxes, data entry, prevention of access to the first page unless JavaScript does not run in the Reader being used, and submission by email.
      However, my query was about the availability of an API for the JavaScript interface between Foxit Reader for Mobiles and PDF acro-forms. The attached form will, I feel, not be of use in developing an answer to my query! There are various less-than neat things that I have done to make the form work, and some features that I can't get to work. What I need is the API, so that I can make decisions about what to do and what not to do. I am amazed that it seems so hard to get this information out of the Foxit system, which frankly I find extremely difficult to deal with.
      Yet another difficulty! This forum invites me to attach the file you wish to test, but I cannot find a means of doing so.
      I tried including a link to it in this reply, but apparently that killed the reply. On return to my 'home' in this forum today, I found that some of that reply was saved, but not the link, and my reply is not in the forum listing.
      I will send the form attached to an email, as you suggest.