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Deploying foxit software error

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  • Deploying foxit software error

    Hey there, when i try and MSI push the newest version of foxit reader, i get the following error after deployment

    "cannot find required compoment or the version is incorrect. please reinstall this application to fix this issue."

    Note the spelling error in "compoment" is in the error text (see attached graphic)

    I am using the FCT tool to customize. my customizations are as follows:

    - disable auto update

    - de sleect pdf viewer -> connectedpdf

    - disbale desktop shortcut (uncheck foxit reader desktop folder)

    Can you let me know why this is failing? forums were down all last week so i couldnt post until now.

    (apparently i am not authorized to create or view attachments on the forums still. sigh, i am really tiring of this company...)

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    Dear ineedsmy3d,

    Regarding the spelling error,it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking with report ID#

    Concerning the erorr message you got,we are aware of this case,this issue would happen when users choose diasble connectedPDF feature via Foxit Customization tool or XML editor for V8.3 of Foxit Reader or Foxit PhantomPDF.
    It will fix it in next major release 9.0. Our developer has complied the new registry key for you to import so the issue will be fixed.
    Please try the following instructions:
    1. Exit running Foxit Reader/Foxit PhantomPDF.
    2. Download the registry key from (phantom: ) and extract it.
    3. Double click on the disableCPDF_Reader/PhantomPDF8.x.reg and import it.
    4. Launch Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF to see if it helps.


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      I have just decided not to deploy the software.


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        Dear ineedsmy3d,

        Foxit Reader 8.3.1 is available now. The reported issue "Got missing component error message after having made the CPDF feature disabled" should have been fixed.
        You may download it from the following link and give it a try at your convenience: