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    When I do a search, I sometimes cannot see the highlighted text as it blends in well with the document. Is there a way to change this highlight colour?


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    Yes. Please click on the “▼” next to the Find tool search bar to open "Properties"->"Color" then change the color to your favorite one. Thank you.


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      I came with the same issue. This feature is ok, but it does not remember settings from one session to the next, so I keep having to change it every time I want to search. Also, it is difficult to find a colour that is obvious (i.e. bright), but with opacity set to still see the word. If I'm highlighting with comments I get an obvious highlight that is also readable. I would like the same highlight applied to search, also with the option of applying the highlight to all terms at once so I can scan through, or see multiple instances on a single page. Thanks!


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        Dear MonkeyFish,

        Thanks for your post.This situation"The search color does not remember settings from one session to the next"has been submitted to our internal bug
        tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-4542.I will keep you informed for any updates about it.
        For your current workaround,we suggest you just open one Foxit Reader windows on your computer when you try to custom the color for search color.
        The (Hue,Sat,Lum) and (Red,Green,Blue) values of default color for highlight tool under the Comment tab in our Foxit Reader are:
        37 240 120
        255 237 0
        Please refer to attached screenshot:color.jpg.
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          I am disappointed in the highlighting capabilities in Foxit PDF reader I regularly search schematics for terms and I must say FoxIT highlighting of the search results is bad, I have tried numerous colors and nothing helps the issue. The problem is that FoxIt simply hightlights the text rather than like some other PDFs which actually use a larger box around the found text to make it stand out on the page.


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            pcguy Thanks for your reply. Regarding the situation"Other PDF Readers draw a box around the search result",may I know which software has such feature and also
            help to take a screenshot to show us the box which is around the search result for us take a closer look at first.Look forward to your reply.