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Edits to PDF document not showing up

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  • Bug Edits to PDF document not showing up

    I am having a VERY serious problem with Foxit Reader. I have edited a PDF document using Foxit markup tools, and saved the document. However, when I attach the edited file to an email, the edits do not show up on the attached document. Even when the document is downloaded, the edits do not show up, even though they are showing on the original copy (which I have not closed since making the changes- I dare not close down the program as I suspect the edits may well be lost). Many times in the past I have edited Foxit documents and sent them by email, and it has always worked fine- I have never had this problem before. Can someone please help me sort out this problem as I have never experienced anything remotely like it before?

    EDIT: The problem seems to only affect this one file; I just opened another random PDF on my PC, made an edit, saved it and the edit shows when I reopen the file or attach it to an email. So it seems the file I'm trying to work with has some kind of restriction on it that prevents edits from saving.
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    Please help provide the following info:
    1) The PDF file in question for testing purpose;
    2) Instructions about how to replicate the issue;
    3) Which Reader (version) did the recipient use to open the PDF document?
    4) Which version of Foxit Reader did you use to add markups to the PDF documents?

    If it is inconvenient to upload the file here directly, you may email it to Attn: Cherry. Thank you.