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    Some PDF readers have the following feature:

    Say a book has a table of contents, the PDF numbering starts at page 1 but the printed table of contents numbering starts at (say) page 11. The idea is to specify a constant (in this case 10) so that when the user asks to go to page 1 the reader takes the user to page 10+1 which will line up with the printed page numbers.

    Preferably this number is remembered somewhere and applied every time the user opens that PDF, or perhaps it's a global setting one can set forever. Even if it has to be specified for each session it would be useful.

    I am NOT trying to change anything about the original PDF file. (However if it were possible to change the page numbers so that other PDF readers could benefit that would be useful.)

    (Side question: Is it possible to edit the bookmarks to a PDF file without using the menus?
    e.g. Maybe I have a text file that essentially looks like (up to some tags or formatting, who knows)

    Chapter 1, 10
    - section 1, 15
    - section 2, 18
    Chapter 2, 20

    that can be imported to give the bookmarks with the ( - ) for indentations and those page numbers)

    Is this possible?

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    Dear math_pdf,

    Regarding the page offset situation you mentioned,please try to do as follows in Foxit Reader to see if it is the feature that you mentioned:
    Go to "File"tab in Foxit Reader>"Preferences">"Page display">please check the option"Use logical page numbers">click"OK"to save the setting.
    Then when you input "1"in the page number field in Foxit Reader,it will open the logical page 1 in PDF file (in fact,in physical page number is not page 1).Please
    refer to attached screenshot: page number.jpg.

    Currently,we need to edit bookmarks in PDF file in the left-sided "bookmark" panel in Foxit Reader.According to your request,I have submitted the suggestion“
    Support to create and edit bookmarks in a text file, then import it into PDF file" as a new feature to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-8810,so that it may be considered in future versions.
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