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Can't add black text!

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  • Can't add black text!

    I don't want to be rude, but why the heck is there no color option for black?! This should be the most basic feature for adding text, instead my next best choice is dark blue?! Why not add a color wheel for custom colors, not hip enough?

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    Did you mean adding the text using typewriter tool? If yes, you could change the color from "Comment Format" menu which would appear once you place the cursor on the page after you select the Typewriter tool. Please give it a try.

    If you didn't mean Typewriter tool, please let us know which tool you tried to use so I could better advise. Thank you.


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      I'm so sorry, somehow I forgot to check the forum for an answer even though a response came after only one day. In the meantime after upgrading it works again. The color wheel is gone and the text tool is a tad harder to find (not by default in the toolbar anymore), but I can now choose any color I want, even a background color. thank you.


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        I have the same question. I'm using Foxit Mobile PDF and I only get 8 color options in Pencil mode. How do I get basic blue/black options?


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          swebb07g To change color in Foxit Mobile PDF, once selecting Pencil tool and clicking the middle Properties option, you could slide color items toward left to open the color bar. And then you could select a color you want. See the screenshot attached for the option.

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