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  • Printing Too Light!

    I am using 8.3 reader, and whenever I print any document on any size paper, it prints in almost a light grey and is hardly legible. I downloaded 2 other PDF softwares to see if it was my printer or the software and it is 100% Foxit reader. When I go to the print settings, I can change the toner density very dark and it looks a little better, but for some reason Adobe and Nitro print much darker and much more legible. Is there a way I can fix this?

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    Please go to File->Print to open the Print dialog and check if "Print as grayscale" been checked. If yes, please uncheck it and try again. Also, please try to see if checking "Print as image" helps or not.

    If info above doesn't help, please provide the following info:
    1) The PDF document you used for testing;
    2) A screenshot/photo of the problematic printout;
    3) A screenshot that shows your Print dialog setting;
    4) Your OS type info.
    5) Your printer info.

    You may choose to send the info to if it is inconvenient to upload the info here. Thank you.