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Foxit Crash During Send to Email

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  • Foxit Crash During Send to Email

    I have a user who uses Foxit with IE. He opens up PDFs inside a website that previews it in an iframe for the specific feature that he can click the Email button and it launches Office Outlook 2016 (O365) with the PDF attached, so he can quickly email the PDF to clients. Recently however, once he clicks the email button, Outlook launches, but the window doesn't fully load and Foxit throws a crash report. The result is he has to close the Outlook window and can't email the PDF without first downloading it and attaching it manually, which slows down his workflow.

    Has anyone else had this problem? It seems to be a problem with handoff to Outlook. I uninstalled and reinstalled Foxit Reader with the newest version but we saw no change in behavior.

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    Sorry for the trouble. After carefully evaluating the bug and trying to reproduce the issue based on the information provided, we are not able to reproduce the issue, please help to provide us with more info for further investigation;
    1. The version of IE you use.
    2. Your system info, like win7 32-bit.
    3. The crashlog.txt and CRASH.DMP files you can find under the directory C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Foxit Reader.
    4. Does it happen to any pdf files? Please try to open the below one in IE with Foxit plugin to see if it happens.
    If it just happen to your pdf file, would you please send us the link for the file for internal test?
    If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to Thank you in advance.


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      Thank you for the reply. I have additional information. This same issue occurs if you download the PDF, open it in Foxit, and go to Share > Email. I believe this is a Foxit to Outlook issue and I.E. is not a factor, because of this.

      I.E. version: 11.713.10586.0
      Foxit Version:
      Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
      Microsoft Outlook 2016 MSO 16.0.8067.2115 32-bit (Office 365)

      - It happens with any PDF.
      - I found if I remove the default email client, Foxit returns an error that there is no default email client, but still throws the crashlog. I am presuming this mean the crash is actually happening BEFORE Outlook is actually invoked.
      - Attached is the crashlog.txt The DMP file results in error "invalid file" so I will email it and reference this forum post.
      - I'd like to note that the crashlog is returning the wrong version of Windows. I don't know if this is part of the problem or not.
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        Thank you for your reply. Please send us the DMP file, and let me know your ticket number.
        In addition, would you please try to do as the following test?
        1. Please open a .doc file and go to "File > Share > Email as Attachment" in Office Word, and check if you can email successfully from Word program.
        2. Run Foxit Reader, open a local pdf file, then Share>Email to see if it happens.


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          Ticket number 100979
          I have already performed #2 and the share > email also results in the same crash error.

          I will try #1 and return with results.


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            # In Microsoft Word, I can go to File > Share > Email > Email as Attachment and it will launch Outlook without errors.


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              technospice, we will follow up the issue via the ticket100979, thanks.


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                I have not gotten any emails about this issue and I emailed a request for an update and got no reply either. Is this ticket actually open/active?


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                  Actually we have replied you on Jun 09 and Jun 14 successfully, but for some unknown reason, you have not received them yet,would you please check your junk mail as well, or provide us another email account? Thanks.


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                    Is there anything new? I have the same problem here. Foxit ist crashing at mso20win32client.dll
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                      CrashTestDummy Regarding the issue"Foxit Crash when using Email ",it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-190. We will keep you informed for any updates about it.