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Typewriter problems in Linux FoxIt Reader

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  • Typewriter problems in Linux FoxIt Reader

    I am using the FoxIt Reader for Linux (64-bit) version in Mint 17.3 (64 bit) and I am having trouble with typewriter and wondering if anyone can help me?

    Q) I've managed to use typewriter to insert some text like "Hello World" into any PDF document. But if the font is using Arial as the default, when the PDF document is viewed by other PDF viewer such as the Linux default viewer, only the first alphabet of the string shows up. In the example it only shows H

    After some experimentation I have found that to over come this problem, I have to select the entire text and change the font to something else like "Courier New", then the entire string is viewable in other viewer.

    If I just change the font of H to Courier New, other viewer will show He. If I then change l to Courier new and then change e to Arial (the default), then other viewer will show 'H l' weird! Can someone verify this in Linux?

    Q) How can I change the default font to something else permanently?
    I have tried to use the cog wheel (setting) symbol to check the "Set current properties as default" but this does not seem to work when I create a new typewriter element.

    Q) While using the typewriter, the "Set current properties as default" does not save ALL font properties.
    I have experimented and found underline, bold, italics and even font size can be set as default. But the font type is not sticky. It also appears to depend on whether one has select the entire text or merely selecting the bounding rectangle. Certainly the user-interface is not intuitive.

    This is driving me mad as I have to remember after typing the text and to go back and select the text to change the font to something else. Is it because Arial is not available in Linux as a default font?

    How is one suppose to configure typewriter and how to prevent showing just the first alphabet without doing manual change. I am also using PDF X-Change Viewer in Windows and that program does not have problems like this. Please help.



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    Further to my posting of the above mentioned question, I have forgotten to mention one setting that may have been found to be the culprit.

    If you manage to set the default formatting for typewriter to bold. Next time you create a typewriter element and type something there, only the first character will show up in other viewer.

    When I remove bold (or italics) as the default, the typewriter text shows up properly in other viewer. Underline seems to be fine too. It is still a pity the font type setting does not stick as the default.

    To avoid this issue, make sure one do not set bold and/or italics as the default. Can the Foxit Reader developers verify this? This may be the cause of it.