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PDF "Buttons" are not working on Foxit Reader

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  • PDF "Buttons" are not working on Foxit Reader

    So I am using Foxit Reader on a PanelView Plus Screen (Touchscreen, HMI device) that runs on Windows CE. My problem is that I am putting a PDF owner's manual on the touchscreen device and there are "buttons" (ones created in Adobe acrobat) that you can click on normally on a computer that do various things (i.e. return to the table of contents page). On the HMI device though, it just zooms in and out whenever you try to tap the button to return to the Table of Contents. Is there a way to change the settings so that it doesn't zoom by default every time you click? or is there another way to make the buttons work?


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    Please provide the following info:
    1) Version number of your Foxit Reader;
    2) OS type info of PanelView Plus Screen HMI device;
    3) The PDF document in question for testing;
    4) If possible, please record a small video that compares the different behaviors between HMI and computer.

    If it is inconvenient to upload the info here, you may email to directly. Thank you.


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      Edit #2: I was finally able to send the emails with the attachments. There is the original PDF file, then 2 videos with the PDF file working on the computer and the other working on the Panelview Plus 7
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